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Visual Inspection


Arrelic visual inspection course does not require any prior training. Fundamental and advanced information is presented in the course. This course includes the General test for the visual inspection method of NDT. The training covers basic theory, test principles, products, equipment operation and standardization, safety, operating procedures, applicable techniques, applicable specifications, codes, and written instructions used by the employer and interpretation of indications as well as sufficient laboratory training. Visual inspection is a crucial NDT method which is too often overlooked, this should be the basis for inspectors starting out in the NDT industry


  • Introduction to Visual Inspection, Checks and Calibration of all equipment for the inspection purpose.
  • General Theory.
  • Ensure that your personnel are qualified and certified to perform visual inspections to the relevant standards and specifications
  • Provide visual inspection training and examination for the Personnel Certification in Non-Destructive Testing (PCN) system to meet international standards such as EN ISO 9712 at levels one, two, and three
  • Conduct SNT-TC-1A training, examinations and certification in accordance with your company's written practice
  • Tailor make courses to meet your company's specific need


  • Checking of the surface condition of the test specimen.
  • Checking of alignment of mating surfaces.
  • Checking of shape of the component.
  • Checking for evidence of leaking.
  • Checking for internal side defects.


This course is suited for NDT trainees who need Level I & II training in order to qualify for certification. It is ideally suited for Level II technicians that are in need of refresher training. Service Technicians, Process Plant Facility Inspectors, Vessel Shop Inspectors, Aircraft Maintenance Technicians, Visual Inspectors, Welding Inspectors, Nuclear Plant Technicians, ASME Inspectors, Fabrication Shop Inspectors, Welders, QA/QC Pipeline owners/operators, Pipeline Inspectors will also benefit from this course.


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