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Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) Level II


Arrelic define Magnetic particle testing is a Non-destructive testing method involves the magnetisation of a component, followed by the application of ferromagnetic particles. It detecting surface and near surface flaws and defects. MPI uses magnetic fields and small magnetic particles similar to iron filings to detect flaws in components.

MT Level-II Responsibility:

  • To select proper test technique and equipment as per established procedure
  • To calibrate, set and carry out test or supervise testing by level I operator
  • Prepare test report for acceptance/rejection as per standard
  • Have knowledge of merits and limitations of MT and other common NDT methods
  • Prepare written procedure for level I operator
  • Responsible for care and maintenance of testing machines and accessories


The course is intended to provide detailed instruction in theory and practice such that the personnel shall be able to

  • Identify suitability of MT for material and inspection procedure.
  • Develop inspection techniques and procedure that shall be followed by level I operator.
  • Analyse the test results


  • It does not need very stringent pre-cleaning operation.
  • Best method for the detection of fine, shallow surface cracks in ferromagnetic material.
  • Fast and relatively simple NDT method.
  • Generally inexpensive.
  • Will work through thin coating.
  • Few limitations regarding the size/shape of test specimens.
  • Highly portable NDT method.
  • It is quicker.


Engineers, Managers, Supervisors, Quality Managers, Condition Monitoring Technicians, Engineering technicians, any non-technical person responsible for NDT, technicians or ordering NDT techniques to maintain plant & equipment.

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