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Radiographic Testing (RT) Level II


Arrelic define Radiographic testing is a non-destructive testing of components and assemblies that is based on differential absorption of penetrating radiation- either electromagnetic radiation of very short wave-lengths or particulate radiation by the part or test piece being tested. X-rays or Gamma Rays pass through the object to be radiographed and record an image on a radiographic film, placed on the opposite side.

RT Level-II Responsibility:

  • Non-conventional Radiography
  • Techniques in radiography
  • Codes, standards and Procedures
  • Acceptance Standards
  • Manufacturing processes and discontinuities
  • Interpretation of Radiographs


  • The principles and theory of performing radiographic testing, including a perspective on radiographic materials, industrial radiography and protection
  • A math review
  • Fundamental properties of matter
  • Radioactive materials
  • Types of radiation
  • The interaction of radiation with matter
  • Biological effects of radiation
  • Radiation detection
  • Non-conventional Radiography
  • Codes, standards and Procedures
  • Manufacturing processes and Inspection Techniques and Procedures, discontinuities
  • Exposure devices and radiation sources
  • Interpretation of Radiographs.


  • It can be used to inspect large areas at one time.
  • It is useful on wide variety of materials.
  • It can be used for checking internal misstructure, misassemble or misalignment.
  • It provides permanent record.
  • No calibration needed on the job site.
  • Devices for checking the quality of radiograph are available.
  • Interpretation of radiographs can be done in comfortable conditions.


Engineers, Managers, Supervisors, Quality Managers, Condition Monitoring Technicians, Engineering technicians, any non-technical (NDT) person responsible for NDT, technicians or ordering NDT techniques to maintain plant & equipment.

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