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Industrial Lubrication Fundamentals


As per Arrelic lubricant is a substance that reduces friction between two surfaces in relative motion by making them slippery and easier to move. Arrelic’s. Industrial Lubrication Fundamentals is based on optimal lubrication practices, which covers the common activities of a lubrication technician. This training is considered to be a key component to support a lubrication excellence program. This interactive course uses a variety of activities provide the lube technician with the technical knowledge and methodologies of lubrication excellence, which enhance their competencies to execute qualified lubrication duties.


  • Receive and inspect new lubricants
  • The primary purpose of a lubricant
  • Maintain inventory of lube room
  • Label lubricant containers/packages, machines, lubricant storage areas
  • Remove contaminants from new oils (solid, moisture) using filter carts or installed systems
  • Transport and apply lubricants and products
  • Conduct field inspections on machines
  • Safety, Leak and Spill Response and Disposal of Hazardous Materials
  • The negative effects of friction in mechanical equipment
  • What is wear, wear mechanisms and how to diagnose wear problems from equipment failure


  • Understand the fundamentals of lubrication and oil analysis, and get more from your lubrication strategy
  • Improve oil analysis success and increase reliability
  • Significantly increase profits and turnover, whilst improving quality goals
  • Reduce your organisation's environmental impact, and improve health and safety success
  • Ensure compliance with ISO 9001/ISO 55000


Arrelic aim to trained to all the person those who needs, such as having little technical background wishes to know technically details about Lube, Technicians, Engineers, and student also.

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