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Introduction to Motor Current Signature Analysis


Motor current signature analysis is an electrical signal containing current components that are the direct by-product of unique rotating flux component. Motors are widely used in industrial drives as they are reliable, economical and rugged and they do play a vital role in converting electrical energy to mechanical energy. Electrical machineries are one of the powerhouses of modern industries. Failures of motors will always cause production downtime and may generate large losses in terms of maintenance and revenue. It can be efficiently applied for detection and localization of variety of motor faults.


  • What is Motor current signature analysis?
  • To know about fault detection in machineries using motor current signature analysis.
  • Fault detecting techniques
  • What is shorted turns in stator windings?
  • What is bearing damage?
  • To know about broken rotor bars.
  • To know about detecting AIR-GAP ECCENTRICITY in machineries
  • How can artificial intelligence techniques be applied to motor current signature analysis?


  • Motor Current Signature Analysis
  • Current monitoring techniques
  • Signal processing technique to detect the fault
  • Algorithm for fault detection


All condition monitoring specialists, engineers, and supervisors responsible for improving machinery performance and reliability. So all of them need to expertise on this courses.

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