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IR-Thermography Level II


Arrelic’s Level II infrared thermography training course is just advanced version of Level-I thermography specifically designed for the practicing Level I thermographer. This infrared training course focuses on strengthening and improving thermography skills for condition monitoring and predictive and Preventive maintenance applications.


This course covers advanced infrared theory, equipment calibration, error sources, cross-verification with contact thermometers, advanced equipment operation, use of windows and filters, assigning temperature limits and repair priorities, and quantitative report generation.


  • The Level I infrared training concepts with refresher material covering the latest infrared camera, technology and thermal imaging application developments.
  • Learn the basics of predictive maintenance thermography and overall infrared inspection program development.
  • Refine your image analysis and interpretation proficiency with in-depth thermal imaging survey and measurement techniques for predictive maintenance applications.
  • Improve your thermal analysis skills with more challenging laboratory and infrared field applications labs.
  • Learn how to measure the emissivity of common materials.


These course is designed for Maintenance, Engineering, Technical support and Manager personnel’s. Candidates have good knowledge on level-I thermography is better.

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