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Dynamic Balancing


Arrelic’s Dynamic balancing is a way of balancing machines by rotating parts quickly and measuring the imbalance using electronic equipment. The imbalance can then be corrected by adding or relieving weight from the rotating parts until the vibration is reduced. Excessive vibration in rotating machinery can cause unacceptable levels of noise and more importantly, substantially reduce the lifespan of the machine. Hence, the ideal would be to remove all causes of vibration and run the unit totally "smooth".


  • What is unbalance
  • Balancing procedure for single plane balancing
  • Understanding the causes of unbalance and misalignment.
  • Understanding the effect of unbalance and shaft misalignment on the performance and life of the machine.
  • To know how vibration is generated due to unbalance and shaft misalignment.
  • How to perform dynamic Balancing and what are the machines and tools used
  • How to perform shaft alignment and what tools are required.
  • How to apply standards and acceptable limits for balancing and shaft alignment
  • How to process vibration signal and e tract unbalance signal.
  • What is field Balance and how to apply it successfully?
  • What is Signal Processing?
  • Alignment methods


  • Reduce and eliminate vibration levels.
  • Increase motor life.
  • Increase performance.
  • Reduced noise.


All condition monitoring specialists, engineers, and supervisors responsible for improving machinery performance and reliability. So all of them need to expertise on this courses.

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