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Intermediate Vibration Analysis/Category II Compliant


Arrelic’s Vibration Analyst “Intermediate” Category II course provides an in-depth study of machinery faults and their associated spectrum, time waveform and phase characteristics.


  • How to use the technique to measuring the proper vibration of M/C?

  • Set up instruments for basic resolution of amplitude, frequency and time

  • How to perform basic vibration analysis of intricate parts for machinery and components such as shafts, bearings, gears, fans, pumps, and motors using spectrum analysis?

  • Perform basic (single channel) impact tests to determine natural frequencies

  • Classify, interpret and evaluate the test results (including acceptance tests) in accordance with applicable specifications and standards

  • Recommend corrective actions

  • Supervise and provide guidance to vibration analysts levels 1


  • The ability to select the appropriate measurement equipment, technique and measurement settings for a range of machinery types

  • A more detailed understanding of a range of machine vibration problems enabling the production of practical recommendations for their correction.


Arrelic’s Vibration Analyst “Intermediate” Category II course is intended for personnel who have at least twelve months’ vibration analysis experience and a basic understanding of vibration theory and terminology. Category II, certification requires that you have demonstrated 18 months’ experience in vibration analysis, completed the Category 2 course and successfully passed the Vibration Analysis Cat 2 examination, however Category 1 is not a prerequisite to become certified as a Category 2 vibration analysts. And conduct basic analysis to diagnose faults in common types of equipment.

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