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Basic Vibration Analysis/Category I Compliant


Arrelic’s Vibration Analysis Level -1 is a widely-used condition monitoring method. This course will start by providing you with an introduction to maintenance practises including technologies such as vibration analysis, thermography and oil analysis. Then after you will cover the theory behind vibration analysis and learn how to take vibration measurements and conduct basic analysis TO DIAGNOSE FAULTS IN COMMON TYPES OF EQUIPMENT.


  • Operate portable instrumentation on pre-assigned or preprogramed routes
  • Acquire readings from permanently installed instrumentation
  • Input results into a database and download sampling routes from a computer
  • Conduct testing under steady-state operating conditions following predefined procedures
  • Compare overall or single value vibration measurements against pre-established alert settings
  • Verify integrity of collected data; prevent or control poor data
  • Evaluate and report test results in accordance with instructions; highlight areas for further investigation


Demonstrate an understanding of the key elements of the use of vibration analysis, including:

  • Maintenance practises and vibration condition monitoring
  • Interpretation of the graphical representation of vibration
  • Sources of vibration in equipment
  • Requirements for data collection
  • Basic analysis of data
  • Basic corrective actions

Demonstrate the ability to:

  • Correctly place sensors on equipment
  • Set up and use a device to collect data
  • Import and export collection routes
  • Recognition of bad data during data collection


This course has been designed for anyone that wants to learn how to collect vibration data and conduct basic analysis regardless of experience. It would also suit anyone wanting to gain a general understanding of what is involved in data collection and analysis

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