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Asset Performance Management


Arrelic defines APM is a holistic approach used to ensure that the business of caring for corporation’s maintainable assets is done in the most cost-effective manner to promote asset longevity, performance and capability. Asset performance management is the backbone of reliability culture. During the course candidates were asked about their motivation for embarking on a reliability improvement program or asset performance management process.

  • It cultivates a partnership between operations and maintenance, whose common goal is equipment uptime.
  • APM optimize the equipment performance and reliability on daily basis.
  • It will help to identify the current asset health and able to provide a long-term view to drive capital planning.
  • Visibility into complete lifecycle of asset – Understanding the Economic
  • Value Add
  • Aligning asset performance to corporate performance
  • How critical is this asset?


  • Strategy & Planning,
  • Decision Making
  • Organization & People
  • Lifecycle Delivery
  • Asset information
  • Risk & Review        


  • APM enables organizations to identify, contain, analyze and remove production losses and thus improve production performance.
  • Manage and Optimize Risk level. Improve Financial Performance such as Profits, Return on net Assets, Efficiency, Service Factor. Improve Plant productivity, Availability, Quality. Enhance reputation, Brand Image.
  • Invest Asset Investment decision
  • Improved Outputs and Manged Risk
  • Demonstrated social responsibility and demonstrated compliance
  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness


Quality Managers, Quality Engineers, Lean practitioners, Business Process Owners, Process Improvement Managers, System implementers, Management representatives, System coordinators.


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