Ferro Alloy Plant Assessment

Ferro Alloy Plant Assessment

With expertise in furnace, Arrelic helps ferro alloy industries to improve plant production and product mix by developing and implementing innovative solutions. Our Ferro Alloy Subject Matter Experts (SME) and consultants will add significant value to your business by identifying improvement potentials and optimizing important processes.


  • Reduce production and electricity cost
  • Improve Furnace Stability & control through Furnace Management System
  • Increase Carbon efficiency by optimizing raw material sizing
  • Enhance metal quality and yield
  • Emissions control and legislative compliance
  • Increase Cr recovery and decrease ore consumption
  • Reduce Specific Energy Consumption


Plant Assess – Overall plant audit and benchmarking

Monitoring – In depth analysis and testing of every process

Improve – Developing and recommending solutions

Sustain – Create sustainable long term solutions and practices

We provide supports and solutions to customer centric problem. We also provide complete cost analysis to optimize your product portfolio in terms of quality, output, or new products through feasible studies.


  • Technical consulting
  • Process consulting
  • Maintenance concepts
  • Feasibility studies
  • Bench Marking

Since Arrelic consultancy services have got the essentials well covered by starting with undertaking assignments is trouble shooting, Facility up-gradation and Productivity enhancement.

Arrelic develops solutions that help metal companies to reduce costs, save energy, limit environmental impact and improve working conditions for their employees.


Expert and well informed in Ferro-alloys industry

Building a program that is most financial viable and long term sustainable

Single point contact for building strategy and providing solutions

Over 15+ years of combined experience

Bringing the best practices from 16 industries and 5 continents

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