The internet of things is making inroads in auto industry by introducing entirely new layers of technology like Big Data analytics, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to make a disruptive change in the era of all-encompassing connectivity and mobility.

With the expansion of high-speed cellular networks, OEMs can bring more sophisticated software and services to the vehicle. From geo-fencing applications that tie digital services to real-time locations, to in-car infotainment systems, to predictive analytics and safety services, new innovations are driving the automotive industry to embrace the power of the Internet of Things.

As more OEMs embrace “Big Data” analytics to utilize the massive information generated by the IoT, connected cars will fuel new ecosystems of applications that enhance the driving experience and create new revenue opportunities. With its ubiquitous reach, proven reliability, and low deployment and maintenance costs, cellular communications provides the ideal connectivity platform for the connected car.

By offering a fancy-free variety of infotainment services and connected car applications for drivers, the automotive industry has the potential to become an IoT champion among other industries and fuel the IoT cloud services adoption among car owners and walkers alike.

Arrelic helps automotive companies to develop a highly differentiated cloud-based service for connecting to remote OBDII devices and vehicles, manage the vehicle diagnostic and driving behaviour data, integrate the data with enterprise systems, and develop new innovative “connected vehicle” applications.